Box Clever : Collecting and Box Making.

After receiving the brief for the “Box Clever ” project, I felt a bit overwhelmed at all the different elements to the brief. The contents of the box needed to link, they needed to have a personal connection to me and they needed to have different colours, patterns and textures. The objects could be linked by a journey, place or family heritage. I decided it best to choose a personal location and collect objects from this place.

I have always been inspired by nature and the patterns that naturally occur in nature. At the time I had just moved to London and so wanted to combine these two elements in the location that I chose. Hyde Park has always been one of my favourite places to go whenever we visited London so it seemed appropriate that this be my location. As all of the objects came from one place, they are linked simply by the fact that they have all made there way to the park one way or another. Whether this be through human intervention, natural plant cycles or brought there by other natural forces e.g. the wind.

When looking in my box, you will see a real mix of objects. Some that are natural and some that are man made – they have ended up in the park because they have been brought in and used by humans. I felt that collecting a mixture of things showed the human interaction with nature, how we use nature and why . Each of the objects, particularly the man made ones have a story; a reason why they ended up where they did.

The number of objects in my box is fairly limited due to the size and nature of how I have displayed them. Therefore I had to be very precise with the objects I chose and tried to choose a wide variety of things so that I did not have 10 objects of the same nature.

When it came to the making of the box, I reused an old iPad box. I took the original structure of the inside and remodelled it, to suit my needs. The inside has 4 main compartments; 3 smaller wholes which are keeping the larger, more 3D objects and 1 large whole which houses the rest of the objects. I have used paper to create a concertina effect and attached the objects to the paper (some are removable and some are not).

I decided to cover the box in book pages. whilst in Hyde park, I wrote a list or words that described my experience. For example; delicate, birds, scent etc… I then found these words on the pages and circled them. I felt that this immediately gave the viewer a sense of the box and what to expect. It allows them to start imaging what sort of objects might be inside the box.

3D Objects : mix of natural and man-made
The covering to the box

At this stage in the researching, I am happy with the objects I have chosen and feel that they accurately represent the surroundings in which they came from. I could develop on this by collecting more related objects and continuing my research. This includes; drawing, taking photographs, doing colour studies etc..




All photo’s and subjects of photo’s are my own.


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