The Infinite Mix

This exhibition was the perfect mix of contemporary sound and image. A collection of 10 artists and their films. I was hesitant to visit a film-only exhibition (as films usually aren’t my favourite part of an exhibition) however the exhibition had only received excellent reviews and I was not disappointed. I think its safe to say this was the most exciting, different FREE exhibition I have been to this year. It was hosted at The Store on Strand whilst the Hayward Gallery main site is being renovated but the most of the artists had been commissioned by the Hayward Gallery to produce films for the exhibition. The space it was hosted in added so much atmosphere to the exhibit and really affected the way each film was viewed. The types of spaces varied; dark, cold, concrete spaces, car park etc…

They also used varied methods to get across the films – holographic images (which were incredible) as well as 3D glasses, which all just made you feel as though you were there, involved with the film itself. Each film lasted about 10-20minutes long. Sound was just as important as image in the films, which showed; sound and image both work together very successfully in each of the film.

A few of my favourite artists / films were;


Martin Creed: Work no.1701, 2013

Work No. 1701. (2013). New York: Martin Creed.

Work No. 1701. (2013) [video]. New York; Martin Creed
This was the first artist we saw and I had seen this film before which only made me enjoy it even more. It was filmed in new York, documenting people with different walks as they cross a street.

Creed was looking at day to day living, how each person is different and that effects how they live their life. Some of the people in the film had a disability which effected their walk – we are often just shown “perfect” things in art,  but this felt a lot more real – much more representative of our population. Everyone has battles which they face in their life and I loved that the film showed this whilst also normalizing it. The audio that went with the film was a song recorded by Creed himself.


Ugo Rondinone THANX 4 NOTHING 2015

THANX 4 NOTHING. (2015). New York: Ugo Rondinone.

This spaced was filled with screens, there were 4 large screens, one on each wall and several TV’s were lined along the edge of the room. Each screen played the film, sometimes they were in synch and sometimes they were all out of synch – he also repeated sections, linking back to the original poem (with its rhetorical twists).  His speech was taken from the poem he wrote on his 70th birthday, looking back at his life, people, events that happened etc… He uses humour to engage the audience and makes it relatable, as we all have significant people and events in our life that we want to remember as well as the regrets. He speaks very frankly and openly – making a personal connection with the viewer and creating a unique environment for the viewer to watch and listen.


Kahlil Joseph m.A.A.d. 2014

m.A.A.d. (2014) [video] Los Angeles: Kahlil Joseph
This was a dual-screen installation. It used a range of media to create a gritty, honest documentary type film. Showing the lives of people in Compton, LA – largely working class and African American. It was made in response to Kendrick Lamar’s album “Good Kid”. I liked how he used a range of different scenes and shots. The soundtrack uses Lamar’s lyrics, cut in such a way that certain lyrics were used with certain scenes to create a narrative.



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