Self Evaluation : Unit 1

The sole purpose of the blog was to write about lectures, and the tasks that go with them & to be reflective throughout my first term at Chelsea.

Research – My research for the blog consisted of museum visits, lecture readings, visiting the library for specialism specific books as well as online searches to back up my findings. Each of the lectures in the first term were centred around a specific topic such as; Globalsiation / feminism – some of which I was familiar with whilst others needed to further research to fully understand the topic. The readings for each week were very helpful, as they also helped to broaden my knowledge of the topic area. I enjoyed writing about each topic on my blog – I found it an effective way to comprehend the information from the lecture – if I didn’t understand anything or was unsure, it forced me look look up the correct information.

Analysis – I used the blog to analyse my performance during the technical blocks; weave, knit, stitch and print. This was particularly helpful as it allowed my to evaluate my performance on each and then decide which I was strongest/ most confident in (especially helpful when choosing a specialism). At the end of each block, I wrote a post that consisted of photos and text detailing my experience of the subject area. This was particularly useful for the areas I had little to no experience in such as weave and knit. It helped me to solidify all the information. In each post I was careful to mentioned the new skills learnt as well as my strengths and weaknesses – for each weakness, I tried to think of how I could improve if I did it again. This was highly effective when considering the fashion project / specialisms.

Subject Knowledge – I think during my first term I learnt lot. I was introduced to many new subject areas and reintroduced to areas I had some knowledge in. It can be quite difficult to keep up; as with the lectures it is a new topic each week but I made sure I was keeping good notes and doing all the readings and/tasks associated.

Communication & Presentation – Using the blog to be reflective meant the communication was quite informal and very personal to my own feelings and experiences. I enjoyed writing in this way – a bit more lax and fun compared to formal writing. I tried to be clear and concise; in both my writing and layout of the blog. The main purpose was to be reflective; placing importance on the written text rather than imagery. I did not want to get distracted / carried away by adding images and playing with layouts. Simple is better (in this case!).

Personal and Professional Development – The technical blocks, very much encouraged self-directed study and thus I had to be focused on that and remember to keep up with my blog. I am overall happy with my performance on the blog; I have been regular and consistent with uploading posts (keeping up with our term schedule). The blog has taught me to be very reflective in my work; constantly looking back once I have finished something and thinking… “how can I improve that?”. This is a skill that I believe will be invaluable to me when developing my practice.



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